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Alpha Omega

09th Grade Lifepac 4-Subject Set

$395.80 $356.22

Spark your student's interest with LIFEPAC 9th Grade 4-Subject Set! This colorful, all-in-one set contains four core subjects: History & Geography, Science, Language Arts, and Math. Each individual subject has ten worktexts and a teacher's guide...

Alpha Omega

09th Grade Lifepac 5-Subject Set

$389.95 $350.95

Spark your student's interest with LIFEPAC 9th Grade 5-Subject Set! This colorful set contains the courses of New Testament Survey, Civics & World Geography, English I, Algebra I, and General Science III. Each individual subject in this Alpha Omega...

Alpha Omega

09th Grade Lifepac Language Arts

$125.95 $113.35

Building on past language lessons, the LIFEPAC English I Set centers on studies in the structure and nature of language, literature, and the application of written and spoken language. The novels The Miracle Worker and Twenty Thousand Leagues under the...

Alpha Omega

09th Grade Lifepac Math: Algebra 1

$89.95 $80.95

Designed to build on previous math lessons, the LIFEPAC Algebra I Set is a comprehensive Algebra I course. Ten engaging worktexts in this Alpha Omega curriculum provide instruction in fundamental algebra skills such as solving equations, word...

Alpha Omega

09th Grade SOS 4-Subject Set (USB)

$399.80 $359.80

What do you want from a homeschool curriculum? A solid academic reputation? Bible-based learning? Instruction that's interactive and engaging? You'll find all this and more with Switched-On Schoolhouse 9th Grade 4-Subject Set from Alpha Omega...

Alpha Omega

09th Grade SOS Math: Algebra 1 (USB)

$99.95 $89.95

Switched-On Schoolhouse 9th Grade Math will teach your child basic algebra principles in an interactive, computer-based format. This easy-to-follow, one-year Alpha Omega curriculum will give your child an in-depth look at variables, integers, equations,...

Alpha Omega

09th Grade SOS World Geography (USB)

$99.95 $89.95

Travel around the globe with your homeschooler with Switched-On Schoolhouse World Geography! Great as a core history course for 9th grade or as an elective, this computer-based, 12-unit Alpha Omega curriculum for grades 8-12 offers an in-depth...

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