All About Reading

All About Reading

All About Reading is a fun and enganging program that has everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life!


Pre-reading Program

All About Reading Pre-reading

  • Designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Builds a solid foundation for learning to read
  • It feels like play, but your child will actually be learning essential pre-reading skills


Level 1

All About Reading Level 1

  • Covers letter sounds for A– Z, plus consonant teams TH, SH, CH, CK, NG, and NK
  • Dozens of colorful activities and games reinforce the lessons
  • Includes 52 full-color decodable stories that are sure to delight your child


Level 2

All About Reading Level 2

  • Teaches 12 new phonograms, including EE, ER, AR, OR, OY, AW, and OW
  • Colorful hands-on activities make review time fun
  • Includes 27 full-color decodable short stories, along with comprehension activities


Level 3

All About Reading Level 3

  • Students learn 16 new phonograms, including OA, IR, IGH, EW, KN, and TI
  • Packed with colorful activities and games to keep kids motivated
  • 25 full-color decodable stories help increase comprehension


Level 4

All About Reading Level 4

  • This final level teaches 15 new phonograms, including EY, UI, PH, OUGH, SI, and RH
  • Dozens of colorful activities teach comprehension skills and fluency
  • Includes 29 full-color decodable stories that provide practice and build confidence


Reading Interactive Kit

All About Reading Interactive Kits


  • This is one-time purchase will be used for the entire All About Reading series
  • Basic kit includes Letter Tiles, Magnets, Phonogram Sounds App, and Divider Cards
  • Add Reading Review Box and Reading Tote Bag with the Deluxe Kit



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